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Website construction

a, customer needs:
1. Customer website request;
2. Providing text and image data.
(1) introduction (2) description of the project (3) Web sites basic functional requirements (4) the basic design requirements

Second, development of Web site building program
1. Both website content consultation, amendment, in order to reach consensus;
2. We developed the website construction programme;
3. Determine the construction details and price on both sides.

, signed three agreements, customer advance payments
1. The website construction agreement signed by both parties;
2. Customer payment;
3. Website related content information provided by customer.

four, has finished the first draft, after confirmation by the customer to build
1. According to the website construction programme) has finished the first draft design:
(1) Home style (2) channel Home style (3) site architecture diagrams
2. Customer audits confirm that the first draft design;
3. Our complete Web design as a whole.

v, website testing, customer acceptance of Internet browsing,
1. Acceptance of the customer under the agreement;
2. Acceptance issued by the customer "website construction acceptance confirmation";
3. Website;
4. Registering a domain name, open the Web site for the customer space, upload production files, settings, email.

six, website maintenance work
1. Submit the site maintenance to customer specification.
2. Us in accordance with the site agreement and the terms of the website maintenance manual maintenance and updates to the client Web site.

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